Kingdom Connections

Fresh Start Church in Hornell is connected with Spirit filled ministries in the New York region, New England area and Africa . We support a Christian mission in Kenya to help feed and nurture young people. 

Throughout the year we invite Christian ministries to share and encourage at our local church in Hornell, NY.  The Holy Spirit moves in some amazing ways to minister His love and grace to our  Church community.

We encourage other believers in Steuben County, New York  & Livingston County, New York  to join in these special events.

Carol Kornacki Ministries

Carol Kornacki Ministries was birthed from her dramatic and compelling testimony. Born into a home of alcoholism and violence, Carol suffered from depression from an early age. Her father died after suffering from mental illness, Carol lived in fear of the same demise. As a young woman she left home pregnant and full of hate and bitterness. This lead to a life of alcoholism, drug addiction and a six-year journey into witchcraft and new age philosophy. Her life spiraled into attempted suicide, mental institutions and jail for drugs. Finally, she was told she had a fatal liver disease that was sure to take her life. Carol was in this condition when a friend invited her to church. She wandered in one night only to be struck by God’s miraculous power. Carol was healed, delivered and set free…never to be the same!

To learn more about Carol Kornacki, please visit her website or Contact Us.

LifeNet Apostolic Network

LifeNet Apostolic Network (formerly known as LMI) is a network of leaders strongly committed to one another and to the establishment of the Kingdom of God throughout the earth. The mission of LAN is to expand and equip the Body of Christ through experience, capabilities and gifting of those that are part of the network. While we function to fulfill our mission in many ways , we recognize the following distinctive in our calling:

To network churches and ministries with the purpose of extending the influence of the Kingdom of God into every sphere of culture.

  • To raise up, equip, and ordain leaders.
  • To counsel and assist those who desire to move into an apostolic paradigm as outlined in Ephesians 4:11.
  • To take the Gospel to the ends of the earth by partnering in those activities that extend the influence of the Kingdom of God.


To learn more about LifeNet Apostolic Network, please visit their website or Contact Us.

Life Net