Perhaps you’re looking for a Fresh Start?

You might be reading this because you took a new step toward God who has always loved you.  Your past, with its failures and mistakes, is not what He made you for, rather He chose you as a son/daughter to be a new creation. Old things pass away and now all things become new in Christ Jesus.

For your next step, we encourage you to connect with people who took the same step…….

    better friends

       new church family life

          unconditional love 

             a desire to walk in a strength that only He can provide

Fresh Start Church in Hornell, NY is a place where you can start over!

Our Ministries:

K.I.D.S. Church

“Kids in Divine Service”

We believe kids ministry is a platform to help children develop a personal relationship with Jesus. Our program makes it easy for kids of all ages to have a relationship with God, and  shows them that they can have fun while doing it! 

During our services, your kids will participate in fun activities, energetic worship, and storytelling with other children their age. Fresh Start Church offers a great team of dedicated church leaders to teach your children during the morning services. Your children are in a safe and Godly environment as they learn the Word of God together. Ages : 5 – 10


Available Sunday during morning service. Ages 0-4

Fresh Start Church nursery promotes a secure and safe environment where every child is loved. We teach Bible basics such as “God made you” or “Jesus loves you.” We help babies and toddlers develop social and play skills.

We are called as the church to receive, nurture, and treasure each child as a gift from God and to give high priority to the quality of planning for children and the preparation and support of those who minister with them.  We are called to love, shelter, protect, and defend children with our community, to nurture and support families in caring for their children, acting in the children’s best interest.

We know leaving your young child in someone else’s care can be stressful. Our nursery staff is trained and prepared to make every drop-off a loving and easy process. 


  • Diaper bag
  • Diapers (disposable only please)
  • Bottles
  • Pacifier and clip
  • Drinking cups
  • A change of clothes
  • Blanket
  • Please do not bring toys from home 
  • The entire area for kids is thoroughly cleaned before your child(ren) enter


Radiant Women

Radiant Women:

The mission of the Radiant Women’s Ministry is to help each other live as dedicated followers of Jesus Christ, pursuing an intimate transforming walk with God. We desire to be like Jesus through loving one another, our families, church, and community in practical and experiential ways. 

We believe that God loves us and we are called to love one another. As we do this, we reveal God to others and his love is made complete in us. (1 John 4:11-12) . We are committed to the Truth that sets women free, that connects and equips women to walk confidently in their God-given purpose. 

We meet at various homes on the first Friday of every month from 6:30-8:30 PM. Ages 12 & Up

“Fresh Oil” Men’s Fellowship

“Fresh Oil” Men’s Fellowship

The purpose of the Men’s Ministry is to reveal Jesus Christ to all men in order that God’s Kingdom will be manifested tangibly in their lives. 

This Ministry seeks to sharpen and strengthen men through God’s Word, fellowship, encouragement and support.

We meet the first Saturday morning of every month from 7:00am-8:30am at the church building located at 34 Maple Street Hornell, NY  Ages 12 & Up (Starting January 2021)

Home Group Meetings

Our home group meetings provide an environment for believers to grow in a relationship with Jesus and with one another. We learn how to grow in faith, hope and love as new creatures in Christ, living stones being built together as a spiritual house where Jesus reigns. 

     We come together under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to encourage each member to share what the Lord is saying. We believe every Christian is gifted by God and those gifts are essential to the local body of Christ. Within the home group we make room for saints to grow in grace and exercise their gifts.

     A home group is simply a family learning to walk in the love by which He loved us – unconditionally.

 What happens at a home group gathering?

  We worship Jesus, we share, we study the Word of God, we use our gifts, we pray, we intercede, we love, we laugh, we cry, we encourage and we fellowship.

     MinistriesIf you are searching for answers to everyday problems or just want to go deeper in your relationship with our Father, please join us. 

    We meet on Friday evening at 6:30pm, with specific dates being announced at the beginning of each month.