Guest Speakers Steve & Rita Fedele

Steve & Rita Fedele visited with us on November 2019. They shared on the desert time in our walk and God’s provision. Many were touched and moved by the concise prophetic words spoken over individuals and families. 

Stephen & Rita are well known throughout North America and in over 40 nations of the world as the dynamic prophetic ministry of the word of God. This year they are celebrating 45 years in the ministry, 25 years as trans-local ministry, and 10 years since the Lord used Rita to raise Steven from the dead.

They have served the Lord in the fivefold ministry (Eph 4:11) in the capacity of senior pastors, as well as prophets. They are the founders of Prophetic Voice Ministries International, (PVM) International Prophetic School and mentor programs (IPS) and Prophetic Consultation Services (PCS) which is an internet and one on one personal ministry.

To learn more about Steve & Rita Fedele please visit their page here